Monday, February 16, 2009

HARVARD UNIVERSITY -- Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard is more than a university – it's a tradition. No other American institution of higher learning has such a prominent place in the nation's history or imagination. Harvard, founded in 1636, is the oldest university in the United States (and the oldest corporation in the Americas). It is perhaps the U.S. university that is both closest to the British model of university education, yet distinctly American in identity and outlook. Harvard was founded as a small institution with the mission of educating Protestant clergy. It grew as the United States did, expanding in size and scope, and diversifying its student and teaching communities. Today a Harvard degree commands respect not only in the United States, but around the world – Harvard counts seven U.S. presidents among its alumni, and over 40 Nobel laureates among its current and former faculty.
Harvard is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on a campus just across the Charles River from Boston. This is a highly urban setting that joins colonial-era buildings and landmarks with Massachusetts' burgeoning hi-tech industry. Harvard is a large university, with high-profile graduate and professional programs. Almost two-thirds of its approximately 19,500 students are enrolled in its professional and graduate schools (which include the world-renowned Medical School, the Business School, the Law School, the John F. Kennedy School of Government, the Divinity School, the School of Public Health, and the Graduate School of Education).
Despite the university's size, the Harvard educational experience is usually an intense and companionable one, with students benefiting from low student-to-faculty ratios and opportunities to get involved with the local community. Connections made at Harvard often last a lifetime, with graduates becoming part of a vigorous network of over 270,000 alumni.
General Information
Harvard University
Undergraduate Admission Office
Byerly Hall
Eight Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: (617) 495 - 1551
Founded 1636
No religious affiliation
Admission Information
Admission Director: William Fitzsimmons
Phone: (617) 495 - 1551
Early action
Harvard ended its Early Action admissions program in 2007.
Regular decision
Regular decision application deadline: January 1.
Decisions are mailed in early April.
Test scores
Harvard requires scores from the SAT or the ACT (with Writing) plus 3 SAT Subject Tests.
There is no preference between the SAT I and ACT.
Applicants should take the ACT by mid-February and/or the SAT I and II by mid January.
The Common Application is used together with supplemental forms.
Campus visit: not required
Interview: may be arranged
Top 10% of high school students: 95%
SAT score (25/75 percentile): 2080-2370
ACT score (25/75 percentile): 31-34
Financial Aid
Tuition and fees for 2007-2008: $34,998
Room and board for 2007-2008: $10,622
Two-thirds of Harvard students receive financial aid in some form, such as grants, loans, and/or part-time work.
In March 2004, Harvard announced the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative, a financial aid program designed to broaden the diversity of the undergrad student body. Under this program, Harvard no longer requires households earning less than $60,000 per year to pay toward students' tuition or room and board. International students qualify for the same amount of financial assistance under this program that U.S. citizens do.
Student Body
Undergrad student body: 6,648
5 year graduation rate: 95%
Male/female ratio: 50% / 50%
International: 9%
Out of state students: 86%
Students living in campus housing: 97%

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